Bad daddies come to good girls who wait...

I want my vengeance.
I want him to feel my WRATH.
I don't want to fall for him. I don't want to love a killer.
An inked, handsome as sin monster in an expensive suit.

He ruined my childhood.
He's the reason my family fell apart.
He just bought me and took my virginity in front of my stepfather...

He wants me to be perfect little girl for him.
I know this won't last forever.
But there are only two ways for it to end.

Either I go through with my plan, and ruin Carter Knight...
Or he gets what he wants instead.

Me on my knees, with 'daddy' on my lips...

Wrath is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger.
It's the first in the Empire Sin series based on the seven deadly sins.
This is a DARK romance.