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My October release + what's next? 🔥

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Today I wanted to catch you up on my October release as well as my TWO new books that are coming in November 2020.

In October, I released a massive 100,000-word book (my longest ever) called Tyrant Twins. It's a dark romance about twins who want the same woman... This is a love triangle, not a menage romance. I loved writing this book so much! 😍

Keep reading for the blurb, links and excerpt!

Grab Tyrant Twins in KU ➡️

I'd kill my own brother to have her...


I'm in love with my stepsister. Unfortunately for me, so is my twin brother.

But I'm not letting him have her. June is mine. MINE.

And I'm going to own her, even if it means hurting the one I love most - my other half.


My stepbrothers and I have been torn apart because of the inheritance our parents left us.

I didn't ask for the money, but it's mine now. And they both hate me because of it.

But I've loved one of them in secret for years...


I'm the bad seed. The black sheep. And I'm sick of being looked down on.

One way or another, I always get what I want. And what I want is my sweet, angelic stepsister.

Tyrant Twins is a full-length, STANDALONE dark romance novel from USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Isabella Starling. This is NOT a menage romance.

Sneak peek!

“Fuck, June!” I curse and run my hands through my hair. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

She’s confused, her naked body enticing me as she steps closer, hands exploring my body. I grab her by the wrists, turning to her with a snarl. She can't touch me, and I sure as fuck shouldn't be touching her. This is fucked up on a different level. We can't go through with it.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, pouting. “I… I thought maybe you would like it. That I saved myself for you.”

Like it?” I ask her, gripping her shoulders, focusing my eyes on hers because otherwise, I don't fucking trust myself. “I want you, June. I want you so bad… Do you think you’ll stay with the same person who is your first fuck? Seriously, do you?”

I’m realizing now what she said could be true. She is twenty-one. She didn’t have a boyfriend when we were still a family. She could be a virgin. June flinches at my words, but I’m not about to stop. I need to convince her just how bad of an idea this is.

“You won’t stay with him, Junebug,” I tell her, softer this time. “You just won’t.”

She looks me dead in the eyes, her mouth pouting. “I do what I want,” she says sternly, and suddenly, her hands have found my jeans, pulling down the zipper. “Haven’t you figured that out yet, Kade? I always get what I want.”

Her voice is sweet as sugar as her hand pushes down my boxers and pulls out my hard cock. I groan and close my eyes as she gasps with surprise, barely able to circle her fingers around the thick head.

“Don’t, June,” I beg her because I don’t trust myself around her, not now, not ever. But she doesn’t listen. Instead, she kisses me roughly, her finger circling the tip of my cock while I fight all my inner demons. I try so hard to resist my fingernails dig into my palms, leaving painful, bloody crescent moons behind. But when her tongue meets mine, and her fingers grow wet with my pre-cum, I know I’ll lose this battle eventually.

“Fuck,” I moan, my hands shaking as I bury them in my hair, pleading with my eyes to make her stop. June doesn’t listen. She slides down until she’s on her knees, and she pulls my jeans and boxers down. My cock springs up to her mouth as though I’ve been waiting for her to lick it all my life. She’s taking her time, and it’s killing me, but if this is dying, I want her to do it every second of every day. She gently takes the base of my cock in one hand, her mouth slipping over the tip as I groan loudly.

Her tongue flicks against the tip, teasing me relentlessly. Just when I’m about to demand more, she leans closer to take me in her mouth so slowly it’s killing me. With each extra inch in her mouth, my resolve weakens. She chokes a little, and I whisper for her to stop, but she is even more determined. She keeps going, leaning forward until I’ve filled up every empty inch of her mouth.

“Fuck, Junebug,” I groan, and my hands find her head. I wrap them in her hair and push her forward as gently as I can when all I want is to come down her throat. But I force myself to be the nice guy. That's what she needs right now. She moans softly against me, and then she moves her tongue against the base of my cock up, up, up. I curse loudly and bite my bottom lip as she moves away, focusing on licking the wet tip of my cock.

“See?” she asks. "Getting what I want again..."

What's next?

Since you loved Tyrant Twins so much, I decided to write Parker's story next! Keep reading for his blurb, cover and excerpt.

Add Sicko Stalker to your Goodreads TBR ➡️

This isn't love. It's obsession.


She escaped me once, but she won't be that lucky this time.

My little bird looks even prettier with the scar I carved into her cheek.

I watch her... I follow her... I wait for the right moment to take what's mine.

I ruined her life once, and now it's time to clip her wings and cage her.


Eight years ago, a sicko ruined my life.

He cut me open and made me bleed, and I hid the truth to protect him.

Now, a scar marks me as damaged goods. That's why I stay in the shadows. I trust them.

Until they start talking back... And the man who took my innocence comes back to stalk me.

Sicko Stalker is a full-length, STANDALONE dark romance novel from USA Today and Amazon bestselling author Isabella Starling.

Sneak peek!

I want to touch myself.

The desire to do that has been missing from my life for a long time. Being raised fairly traditionally, I could never get past the guilt that surrounded pleasuring my own body. And yet as I lie in bed this morning, I find myself yearning for pleasure only I can give myself.

Tentatively, my fingers find their way between my thighs, brushing against my overheated center. My teeth dig into my bottom lip. It's been a long time since I've had an orgasm, and the urge to bring myself closer and closer is overwhelming. Closing my eyes tightly so I can pretend it's someone else doing this to me, I start massaging my clit and getting myself to the edge.

But just like every other time I've done this, the same thing happens. Parker appears in my mind, his darkly handsome face twisted into a painful grimace. I can't help it. My obsession with the fucker is unrelenting, even eight years after he carved my face. I wish I wasn't so obsessed with the man who ruined my life. But the fact that his body was never found makes me think he's still around somewhere. Watching me. I can't get rid of the feeling, and it only makes me more excited as I breathe out a moan, my fingers trembling over my exposed wetness.

I'm getting closer, my fingers working more frantically as I try to get the image of that bastard out of my head. But nothing is helping. Parker Miller is firmly lodged in my brain, refusing to leave.

I'm so close now I can taste the orgasm on the tip of my tongue. With a moan, I plunge two fingers inside myself, working my dripping pussy to an orgasm that escapes me if I don't think about him. I try to trick myself, force the image of Raphael into my mind, but it doesn't work.

My body doesn't want Raphael, it wants Parker.

And I will have another surprise release this month as well which is Christmas themed! It's coming very soon, so keep an eye on this space for updates once it arrives. 💓

Don't forget to review Tyrant Twins if you read it! It's the best way to help authors you love.

Until next time my darlings,

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